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june 06th 2024

GenB presented at the event on bioeconomy education at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in Rome!

june 06th 2024

Bioeconomy as a vital subject for the future

Online workshop ‘Exploring Bioeconomy in The Classroom: From Theory to Sustainability

june 06th 2024

BioHeroes: Let’s save the Planet! - A new card game to learn about professions in the bioeconomy

june 06th 2024

Climate Solutions Conference - Integrating Sustainability into Existing Frameworks

GenB took part in the Climate Solutions Conference in St.Gilgen Salzburg/Austria to feature bioeconomy to young leaders

june 04th 2024

Materials for GenB Ambassadors

This is a summary of the materials and recordings developed for the capcaicty building webinars for GenB Ambassadors.

june 03rd 2024

GenB ambassadors gain practical tools in second capacity building webinar

may 23rd 2024

A day in a biorefinery for middle school students at Cupidi Farm in Italy

The European project GenB, funded by the HORIZON EUROPE Research and Innovation Program, promoted and supported the field trip of two middle school classes from I.C. Guicciardini in Rome to the Cupidi Farm in Gallese (VT) on May 2, 2024.

may 06th 2024

GenB represented at the Bioeconomy Changemakers Festival 2024 Vienna edition

may 06th 2024

Empowering Youth for a Sustainable Bioeconomy Future: Highlights from You(th) for BIOregions.SK

On March 13, PEDAL, the Slovak partner of GenB, organized the You(th) for BIOregions.SK event, held as a satellite event of the Bioeconomy Changemakers Festival in Slovakia. The event was a one-day gathering aimed to foster awareness, inspire sustainable habits, promote bioeconomy careers, and empower youth to catalyze transformative change across European regions.

may 03rd 2024


Excerpt: Following the educational principle of objective-oriented learning, and under the flague of the provincial programme Advisors of the Future, BTG started a collaboration with Bonhoeffer College, a comprehensive school in Enschede (NL). In the initative, students will devise and develop exciting and attractive games to edutain young people about the themes sustainability, circular economy, and bioeconomy.

may 03rd 2024

Empowering young people to champion the bioeconomy and sustainability: GenB webinar series launched

april 10th 2024

Bioeconomy Changemakers Festival – Aveiro edition