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BioHeroes: Let’s save the Planet! - A new card game to learn about professions in the bioeconomy

june 06th 2024

The GenB project is pleased to announce the launch of BioHeroes: Let’s save the Planet!, an innovative card game designed for 2 to 4 players, aimed at children aged 4 to 8 years old. This versatile game (to be played in a classroom or in-home) allows young players (and not so young ones) to gain knowledge about bioeconomy professions, learning about their roles and responsibilities in a fun and educational way.

BioHeroes: Let’s save the Planet! is based on a narrative where our world is threatened by imbalance, and only the bioeconomy can save it! Players must help six bioeconomy-related professional profiles (biotechnology researcher, bio-based farmer, transporter, seller, waste manager, and buyer) complete their tasks to prevent the destruction of the planet. Although the consumer profile is not a profession, it is a very useful role in the game as it reflects the current role of the children playing. This profile helps children understand their role in the bioeconomy and how their actions can influence the environment.

Through this game, children will adopt different roles and professions, performing actions associated with them in various settings: cities, countryside, factory, laboratory, market, and transport. This will allow them to step into these characters' shoes, generating empathy and raising awareness about the importance of taking sustainable actions.

The game format and gamified approaches enable students to learn bioeconomy concepts and associated professions through play and entertainment. Game-based learning (GBL) is an effective educational methodology that combines entertainment with learning, increasing student motivation and engagement. This approach facilitates a deep understanding of concepts and develops critical skills such as problem-solving and strategic thinking. Games in the classroom create a dynamic and collaborative environment, preparing students to face real-world challenges. The GenB project is developing different games targeting various age groups.

User-Centered Design Approach. The development of BioHeroes: Let’s save the Planet! has adopted a user-centered design approach. During the process, children from the target group participated in play sessions that helped adjust and improve the product through various iterations. So far, the first version of the game has been tested by 73 children with the collaboration of partners AIJU and EUN, demonstrating its appeal and providing valuable insights for improvement that teachers and experts identified during the play sessions.

Following this collaborative approach, BioHeroes: Let’s save the Planet! is currently being improved by incorporating the collected feedback. The game will be used in upcoming workshops, integrating into educational programs and events related to bioeconomy within the framework of the GenB project.

Part of the GenB Toolkit. BioHeroes: Let’s save the Planet! is part of the GenB Toolkit, a collection of materials developed within the GenB project to cover different population groups: children, youth, teenagers, teachers, and other multipliers. This toolkit aims to provide educational resources that promote knowledge and awareness about the bioeconomy.

About the GenB Project. GenB empowers and educates the Generation Bioeconomy, fostering awareness, sensitivity, and engagement in environmental issues, sustainability, and circularity, encouraging young voices to lead the transition to more sustainable lifestyles.
Through the creation of materials like BioHeroes: Let’s save the Planet! and other initiatives, GenB seeks to prepare new generations for the challenges and opportunities of a sustainable future.

For more information about the game and the GenB Toolkit, visit the GenB website. Stay tuned for the next update of the game and the development of new materials that will drive the bioeconomy forward. Stay informed and be part of the movement!

Author Clara Blasco (AIJU)