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Climate Solutions Conference - Integrating Sustainability into Existing Frameworks

june 06th 2024

The Climate Solutions Conference, hosted by Gilgen International School on April 26th and 27th, 2024, brought together students, educators, and professionals to address the urgent issue of climate change. The event aimed to deepen participants' understanding of bioeconomy and sustainability while encouraging their engagement with these crucial topics.

Session Highlights: Integrating Sustainability into Existing Frameworks
During the conference, ZSI, representing GenB, conducted a session focusing on integrating sustainability into existing frameworks. GenB's goal is to raise awareness among the Generation Bioeconomy about environmental issues, sustainability, and circularity. The session introduced participants about the GenB project, informed them on bioeconomy concepts, and highlighted ways to contribute to bioeconomy initiatives. Participants engaged in an interactive workshop where they learnt more about GenB and were motivated to think and draft ideas fostering sustainability within their school communities.

This session included a workshop segment where students and teachers from various schools collaborated in three groups to brainstorm ideas for further development within their school environment. The outcomes of these discussions encompass a multifaceted approach to integrating bio-product creation and sustainability into educational frameworks. Group 1 proposed practical solutions such as producing everyday items like phone cases, soap, and notebooks from recycled materials, alongside innovative concepts like bio-based school uniforms with a recycling system. Group 2 extended beyond product creation, focusing on raising awareness and education through posters, class discussions, and social media promotion. While group 3 proposed for broader sustainability initiatives, both globally and locally, including early education programs, citizen science engagement, and community-driven events like Reuse and Waste-free days. These outcomes reflect a comprehensive outcome of young people to foster sustainability principles within educational institutions and local communities alike.

The session received positive feedback, with participants expressing deeper understanding of sustainability principles and motivation to contribute to addressing climate change through bioeconomy initiatives. Many participants also expressed interest in learning more about bioeconomy and getting involved in the GenB project.
The Climate Solutions Conference at Gilgen International School was a crucial event in fostering collaboration and innovation in addressing climate change through bioeconomy and sustainability initiatives.

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Author Juliet Tschank (ZSI)