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GenB Ambassadors FAQs

september 05th 2023

Can I become a GenB Ambassador also if I am a primary school student?

Yes, of course. A GenB Ambassador is intended as any young person under the age of 30 who has an interest in sustainability/bioeconomy themes or who is interested in making his/her voice heard on these topics within the GenB project’s activities. Indeed, any youngster including primary school kids, can take a role, inspiring other peers, increasing their awareness on the bioeconomy and its related sectors, while engaging them in changing their lifestyle.

Can I become a GenB Ambassador also if I am not active on social media?

Yes, being active on social media is not a prerequisite to become a GenB Ambassador.

How is it expected that I use my social media account for the purpose of the GenB Ambassador initiative?

If you are an active sustainability content creator, as GenB Ambassador you can leverage your social media accounts by sharing specific contents on bioeconomy, designed together with GenB communication experts, and be part of joint social media campaigns through @biovoices channels (counting more than 11K followers on all social media), finally reaching a wider audience.
If you do not usually exploit social media to disseminate specific contents, as a GenB Ambassador you will learn how to produce tailored contents to raise awareness about the role of bioeconomy in everyday life (producing media, videos, cards, memes etc.), actively contributing to @biovoices social media channels planning.

When are the GenB Ambassadors’ activities starting?

Depending on specific criteria (such as age, expressed interests, motivation and knowledge about bioeconomy), more experienced candidates will be already involved in GenB activities as ambassadors in two large-scale events taking place in Italy between end of September and October (EU Researchers’ Night and Maker Faire). In general, the activities for GenB Ambassadors will fully start by the end of the year, after a capacity building activity organized by GenB experts, aiming at empowering the selected candidates.

Are the GenB Ambassadors activities online or in person?

Some of the activities will be held online (e.g. capacity building webinars, online workshops, mutual learning events, creation of contents etc.). In specific occasions (e.g. large-scale events, conferences, TEDx pitches etc.), depending on the geographical location, GenB Ambassadors may be contacted to participate onsite.

What type of activities are foreseen for a GenB Ambassador?

Based on the expertise, motivation, needs and interests, GenB Ambassadors will be involved in different type of activities and roles. A wide range of opportunities are foreseen, such as:

  • Participate in capacity building webinars in English and local language, to increase knowledge on the bioeconomy as well as communication/dissemination skills. GenB Ambassadors will be also provided with toolkits including several formats, tools, resources and educational material, developed in the context of several EU funded project to further promote bioeconomy.
  • Take part in international competition on social media to creatively communicate the bioeconomy; through creative ideas or producing artefacts (e.g., drawings/pictures article/media, videos performances etc.)
  • Be engaged as testimonials of the circular bioeconomy, raising awareness and inspiring the curiosity of the younger generations towards this domain
  • Create social media contents to spread the bioeconomy to the online community, inspire and inform the audience on more sustainable behaviors and choices
  • Write short articles on sustainability topics related to bioeconomy in blogs, magazines, schools’ journals, or social media channels
  • Participate in online workshops and debates with youth green communities to discuss challenges, opportunities, share insights and good practices and highlight the role for the young generations for a sustainable future.
  • Participate in events and conferences organized by GenB or the European Commission to share GenB Ambassadors’ voices and experience to inspire, raising awareness and inform about the bioeconomy in front of major experts and stakeholders, as well as to contribute to provide recommendations for policy makers, making the voice of youth heard.

What type of commitment is expected from a GenB Ambassador?

GenB Ambassadors are expected to be involved in the project in different ways throughout the duration of the project (until May 2025). We foresee at least a couple of activities (duration max 1 day each) for each GenB Ambassadors, but it will be agreed case by case.
In addition, all candidates will be invited to attend the capacity building webinars, where they will be equipped with the necessary skills, to become GenB Ambassadors.

What type of prizes and recognitions are foreseen?

T-shirts and gadgets will be distributed to GenB Ambassadors to award their involvement, together with the possibility to have their visibility and impact increased through the participation in high-level and large-scale events, as well as through the collaboration with the large community built around GenB project. In addition, the expertise and visibility as GenB Ambassador is expected to contribute to the curricular experiences of the candidates, who will have the possibility to network and eventually collaborate with different companies in the sector.