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Bioeconomy as a vital subject for the future

june 06th 2024

European Schoolnet conducted a workshop called ‘Exploring Bioeconomy in The Classroom: From Theory to Sustainability’ in collaboration with Scientix ®. The activity was implemented within a larger program of the 17th Science Project Online Workshops (SPOW) which ran on 3 consecutive Wednesdays, from the 28th of February until the 13th of March 2024.

Science Project Online Workshops are interactive and practical workshops for teachers and other educators, centered on socially relevant STE(A)M topics. The SPOW runs over a three-week period and includes up to four parallel tracks covering certain aspects related to STE(AM) or specific age groups and it’s limited to 10-15 participants per track.

Exploring Bioeconomy in The Classroom: From Theory to Sustainability’ online workshop was intended for international teachers and educators working with students aged 4 to 19. The workshop aimed to equip educators with the essential skills and knowledge necessary to effectively introduce the topic of bioeconomy in their classrooms. The focus was not only on providing comprehensive training, but also showcasing and using a variety of materials and activities developed within the GenB Toolkit. By integrating these resources, the workshop ensured that teachers are well-prepared to engage students in the concepts and applications of Bioeconomy.

During the workshop, 20 participants were introduced to the topic of bioeconomy and engaged in collaborative tasks to develop age-appropriate approaches and introductory activities to integrate bioeconomy in lessons. Participants were also introduced to different available materials and careers in the field that would allow them to integrate the topic effectively. They had an opportunity to reflect upon the potential implementation of presented materials in their classrooms.

Participants found the workshop invaluable for their professional development, gaining crucial insights into the emerging topic of bioeconomy. Recognizing it as a vital subject for today's world, they appreciated how it can contribute to a better future. The training provided them with practical knowledge on how to enrich their current lessons on sustainability and facilitate the transition to more sustainable lifestyles and practices.

Author Isidora Salim (European Schoolnet)