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Overview of Focus Groups organised in Greece

july 21st 2023

Focus groups in Greece by Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature (HSPN)

General concept of the Focus Group

4 Focus groups were organised in April and May 2023 at the 6th Primary School and the 2nd Secondary School of Gerakas, a suburb of Athens: one group for students of 4-8y, one group for students 9-13y and two groups for 14-19y students. Each one lasted for about 80min.
Children and teenagers with various interests and learning styles participated. The main aim of the focus groups organised was to have students express their opinions on what kind of activities they could find interesting in a bioeconomy project. There were parental consents for all students participating.


Activities implemented

Every group was exposed to several activities pointed out as age relevant by the partner who had undertaken the scientific design of the focus group (AIJU).
The procedure was the following:
Initially, the young participants expressed their general interests and learning preferences. Afterwards, they had to express their preference in relation to some educational activities introductory/development/concluding) they were presented using cards that visualised the content of the activity. The findings reflected their perspectives and insights.
Researchers had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding in what motivates students and what causes intrigue and willingness to try. It was obvious that students appreciated the hands-on aspect and interactive nature of activities that allowed for initiative and creativity.


The Focus Groups in numbers

Number of Focus Groups organised: 4
Number of students reached: 32


Overall experience

When seeking to compile new educational material, it is of utmost importance to listen to the voice of the target group. These focus groups functioned as invaluable orientation in the learning preferences and styles of various age groups. It was also inspiring to see how serious and responsible all the young participants were during the procedure.