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Exploring Bioeconomy in the classroom: from theory to sustainability - Session 2

march 13th 2024

The workshop is aimed at teachers and educators (students aged 4 to 19) to learn about Bioeconomy through the activities collected and created in the GenB Project Toolkits.

During the workshop participants will be introduced to the topic of bioeconomy and take part in a collaborative co-creation activity aimed at developing definitions and introductory activities based on the age and abilities of their students. Participants will, also, be introduced to different available materials with the focus on reflecting on if and how these materials could be implemented in the context of their classrooms. At the end of the workshop participants will present the
activities they have developed and adapted, share their insights on the reviewed materials and reflect on the workshop itself.

Workshop objectives

  • Understand the basic terms of bioeconomy;
  • Identify and compare if and how was this topic introduced in their lessons;
  • Independently browse through and use the existing materials in the GenB Virtual Library;
  • Adapt the existing activities and develop new activities according to students’ needs and requirements of the curriculum.

On the 13th of March 2024, there will be a presentation of reviewed and developed activities by participants.

See the full programme here!