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Formats of activities

What will GenB Ambassadors do?

How will the GenB project involve them?

What formats has the project planned for them?

Formats of activities for GenB Ambassadors

Students2Students format

“Students2Students” format engages GenB Ambassadors as testimonials involving other students to informally raise awareness and inspire their curiosity towards circular bioeconomy. Moreover, this activity will facilitate involvement of GenB Ambassadors in creating contents and actively participating to GenB activities (e.g., videos, training courses made by students, TEDx talks, educational cards, memes, etc.).

The “Students2Students” format was proven to be effective in several previous experiences (see below) because it is based on the direct connection among peers (students). In particular, very young students are keener on learning from other students because they are perceived as inspirational examples, who are close to their age, experiences and who share the same values.

A secondary indirect target of this format are the families, because students are the perfect multipliers of sustainability contents, greatly contributing to promote behavioral and attitudinal changes.

Becoming career testimonial

Certain GenB Ambassadors are already involved in courses or jobs related to the Sustainable and Circular Bioeconomy. Having them on board as career testimonials is therefore important to inspire, inform and attract their peers towards educational and working careers in the domain, finally contributing to raise the future generation of workforce informed and interested in this sector.

Becoming young journalists publishing on GenB social media

GenB will involve young journalists in taking a role to develop communication materials (such as articles, news, video-reporting, photo-reporting, etc.) to be shared on GenB social media channels.
Young journalists will be selected either through the “GenB in Action” recruitment campaign or by identifying proactive youngsters already participating in other GenB activities, such as living labs, school project etc.

Thematic campaigns on social media

GenB will transversally involve GenB Ambassadors in creating contents for GenB social media channels, making their voice heard and stimulating them to contribute to conveying GenB messages and values. GenB Ambassadors will be empowered through basic and advanced level capacity building, depending on their proactive participation in the project, to ensure their effective contribution in the social media activities. These latter will be performed through specific thematic campaigns that are described in the following paragraphs.