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public results

july 07th 2023

D1.1 GenB resources Library

october 31st 2023

D1.2 Report on co-design activities

april 30th 2024

D1.3 Toolkits for young people, teachers and other multipliers

september 26th 2023

D2.1 Implementation plan for WP2

april 30th 2024

D2.2 Report on Inspire, Inform and Educate activities - First period

july 07th 2023

D3.1 Implementation Plan for WP3

april 30th 2024

D3.2 Report on Engage, Empower & Take a role activities - First Period

july 07th 2023

D4.1 Impact monitoring and assessment Strategy

may 29th 2024

D4.2 Impact monitoring and assessment Report - First Period

july 07th 2023

D5.1 Dissemination and Communication Plan

april 11th 2024

D5.2 Dissemination and Communication Activities Report

july 07th 2023

D5.4 Exploitation and Sustainability Plan